08 Febbraio 2023


Daniel Carobbio alias Dan-E-Mc is a worldwide recognized artist in the House Music and Black Music scenes.
He is the founder of the legendary company called House Machine.
Born from Italian parents in Geneva in 1971. Since 12 year old, he organised his first Hip-hop events in Calvin's city (from where come his artist's name). Then he organised in the next years House events in French Switzerland and France until April 1, 1994 when he (and Mrf) created House Machine. After that, he took part at practically all of events with the House Machine logo. In his Curriculum Vitae, he was invited as guest dj in House clubs, villas, castles, luxurius Hotels, yachts and events like Red Zone, Crossover, Ripping, Juice®, Prince, Underground City, Pascià, Azimut, Privilège, Le Loft, Nottambula, Le Palais, CPM club, Le Studio, Gallery of sound, By-Pass club, D! Club, Industry, Bimbo Town, "The Bomb" at Cyborg of Attigliano, "Nobody's Land" at Autodrome of Misano Adriatico, "Nightwave96" Rimini, "Escape97" the First Interactive Music Meeting of Rome, "Street Festival" on via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome, Deep Zone, L.U.V., Le Palace, FBI, Metrò, Up-Session, Le Select, Le Lotus, House-Café, Sex-ò, Tartaruga, Rise, Controsenso, P-Planet, Tribal, Arti-show, Millennium, Johnnie's, Villa La Cigale, Gradisca, Oxygene, Privé, Palladium, Palaeur, Eclipse, Hotel Universal*****, Giardino d'Inverno, Villa Mon Tresor, Question club, The Castle, Apocalypse, 5ème Avenue, Taratata, Kanesh, Fuori Orario, Modern Club, Tower, L'Etoile, Rio, Diva club, Paradise, House Massive Vol.II, Arteplage, Alta Vista, Alcatraz, Pacha, Estasi's Disco, Vogue, Casinò de la Rotonde, New Open Gate, Livin' Undaground Vibes, Americandisco club, Swiss expo 2002, Basement, Mocambo, Lo Scorpione, Macumba, Villa Royale, Porto Ponente, Fashion TV Events, Villa Remmert, Spider Club, Vincenzo Viceversa & Friends, Arthur's Club, Gasoline, “Street Festival” on the longbeach of Rimini-Riccione, Tipitinas, "Party in the woods" in the National natural Park of la Maiella in Abruzzo, Saphir Club, Mica Club, Grand Hotel Eden, Mash-up, Domus, Coconut Winter, Pestifero, Wave beach-club, Lounge Village, Victory Morgana Bay, Official After Festival of San Remo 2010, Official Pre Festival of San Remo 2010, Shu Noseda, Casinò di San Remo, etc... As dj, he has played with big artists like: Michael Watford, Little Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Roger Sanchez, Ivan Iacobucci, Claudio Coccoluto, Ralf, Pasta Boys (Dino Angioletti, Uovo, Rame), Benji Candelario, Alex Neri, Massimino Lippoli, Stefano Fontana, Gerideau, Freddy Turner, Danny "Buddha" Morales, Victor Simonelli, Kerry "Kaoz" Chandler, Grant Nelson, Kenny Carpenter, Carlos Sanchez, Luca Colombo, Alan Russell, Joe Claussell, Dj Pierre, Paolo Martini, Stephan Mandrax, Andy Funk, Jamie Lewis, Pino Arduini, Charles Schillings, Bert Bevans, Nick Bridges, Massimiliano Beca, etc... About radio, his sessions have been broadcasted worldwide regularly on House Machine Radio and Radio Show (check housemachine.com) and also on Raistereo 2 during the show called Underground Nation, on Radio105 Network in the program Dangerous network and on Viva Fm durant their lives from the night-clubs, plus the national Swiss broadcast (on the air also in France) Couleur3 in the Métissages. About newspapers, he was the Italian reference for the French magazine called Only for DJ's. He has done a 12inch single: "House Machine Tracks" with Giampiero Mendola, Steve Mantovani & Daniele Mad classified on the program Suburbia of Italia Network (the Italian radio reference in house music in Italy in this period). In January 2006, he goes out with his first album called "Many moods of a dj"... From Chill-out to Garage, 24 new original tracks for a double cd that you can't lose. The second album called DAN-E-MC.attitude (out from June 2007) contains more than 74 minutes of pure house, funk, garage, soul, deep, chill & lounge sounds. The 3rd album DAN-E-MC_blasé! is a mixture between the old 2 albums, and fresh new tracks, done in a pure house music premium quality style. In 2009, Editrice Statale11 published his first book called "Dubbi Notturni (Un dj in cerca di etica)", written in Italian. His 4th cd album is called "Rara Eleganza", out on the legendary italian dance label very famous all over the world and called Molto Recordings. It had a great success worldwide during 3 years, with 3 singles taken from it with remixes also by Jamie Lewis and Harley&Muscle for "Believe", Bobby&Steve and Alex Dimitri for "Freak Your Body" and Terry Hunter for "Sexy Fantasy". The 5th, last and most ambitious opus is untitled Dan-E-Mc "Man Of Honour" double-cd+book out on Molto Recordings-Universal Music's joint-venture with important featurings and artistical collaborations like Kathy Brown, Michael Procter, Master Freez, Sam Wood, Vanessa Jay Mulder, Gabriele "Gabry Sax" Zeppegno, Michele Gentilini, Lele "LTJ" Tornatore, Bruno Giordana, Fufo Serra, Stefania Garione, Alessandro Danelon, Didier Vanelli and Alex Bagnoli. And the day of his 50 year old birthday, he was out with a brand new song, concepted with Orlando Johnson, untitled “Bring Back The Good Times” (Molto Recordings), and due to this success, they did a Remix Pack with top remixers Alex Natale and Maurizio Altieri. Finally, it's important to say that he's always the boss of House Machine.

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